Tachtrol 30

The TACHTROL 30 computing tachometer has a display, is panel-mounted, can measure two independent speed input frequencies, convert them to relevant units that drive visual displays, mechanical & solid state relays and analog output.

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How The Tachometer Works

AI-Tek Tachometers are highly configurable microprocessor-based instruments that provide measuring, monitoring and control to critical equipment. All aspects of speed sensor input signal validation, mathematical manipulation of the signal and output control response behavior are user-defined.  Speed sensor signals are input into the tach and analyzed to be valid, mathematically manipulated into units relevant to the user then assigned to define the behavior of the display, analog output and relays. The software program keeps safety, accuracy and response time at the top of the task hierarchy. 

Key Features of TACHTROL

  • Panel mount LCD Display
  • Infrared remote compatible
  • 2 Sensor inputs
  • Remote Display Compatible
  • Mathematical functions
  •  Utility RS485
  • AC (80-264VAC)/DC (12-30VDC) Power
  • Analog Output 
  • 2 Mechanical Relays
  • 2 Solid State relays
  •  USB
  • Plotting

  • Programmed via front panel or computer using TACHLINK software

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