AI-Tek offers a variety of tachometer accessories for your convenience, including connectors and cable assemblies, power supply kits, mounting brackets and more. These accessories are recommended to ensure that your tachometers operate at peak performance. For more detailed product information on the accessories, be sure to visit our Brochures & Catalogs section. 

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Aitek_1100x1100_DIN Rail Mounting Kit.jpg

TACHTROL-TO-DIN Rail Mounting Kit

  • Group "A" is designed for 2-wire items
  • Group "B" for 3-wire
  • Group "C" for 5-wire

P/N: 675-0300-001

Used with all TACHTROL 30/PLUS

(35 Din Rail Not Included)

Net Weight: 0.25 lbs

Aitek_1100x1100_power supply kit.jpg

Power Supply Kit with T-Bus Connector

Optional use with all TACHPAK 30 & TACHTROL 30 when more supply power is required.

Rating: 100-240 VAC/24 VDC/1.5A

P/N: T775/6-PWR SPLY

Net weight: 1 lb

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