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Company Introduction | About AI-Tek Instruments

AI-Tek Instruments has been manufacturing reliable speed sensor and tachometer products for a variety of industries for over 60 years.

Tachometer Overview & Training | AI-Tek Instruments

Watch this Tachometer overview video to learn more about the New Generation Tachpak, Tachtrol and Tachlink from AI-Tek Instruments.

Introducing the New Generation | Tachometers from AI-Tek

Learn more about the precise, accurate and dependable tachometer products from AI-Tek Instruments.

Networking with TACHTROL Plus | AI-Tek Instruments

Learn how you can network the TACHPAK and TACHTROL Tachometers series with the TACHTROL Plus from AI-Tek Instruments.

How to Use the TACHLINK Program | AI-Tek Instruments

Watch this informative how-to video to learn more about to use the TACHLINK program for the New Generation of tachometers from AI-Tek Instruments.

Variable Reluctance Speed Sensors | Product Overview from AI-Tek Instruments

For an in-depth look at the technology, features & benefits of Passive (Variable Reluctance) Speed Sensors from AI-Tek Instruments, watch this video.

Active (Hall Effect) Speed Sensors | Product Overview from AI-Tek Instruments

Get an informative overview of the technology, features & benefits of Active (Hall Effect) Speed Sensors available from AI-Tek Instruments.

Tachometers and Accessories | Product Overview from AI-Tek Instruments

Watch this product overview video to learn more about the variety of Tachometry products and accessories available from AI-Tek Instruments.

Speed Sensing for Hazardous Locations | AI-Tek Instruments

The experts at AI-TEK are familiar with what it takes to design, list and build speed sensing equipment that lasts in the harsh environments of Hazardous Locations.

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