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About Us

AI-Tek Instruments, LLC. has spent over 60 years designing and manufacturing electronic and electromechanical products that protect, monitor and control rotating equipment in some of the most demanding MIL-AERO, Petro-Chem, Rail and industrial markets. We have the business, quality and resource systems of larger companies coupled with the agility and entrepreneurial spirit of the best small companies. With a dedication to ongoing technological development, a healthy respect for the tried and true, and an understanding of each customer’s unique requirements, AI-Tek provides solutions based on reliable and innovative products and services at a competitive price.

Our History

AI-Tek started as Airpax, a subsidiary of fortune 100 companies. In 1998, Airpax Instruments (a part of Philips North America Corporation) was sold to Mannesmann VDO, then to Siemens in 2000. Shortly following that, the Airpax Instruments portion of the business was sold to private ownership and AI-Tek Instruments, LLC was formed in 2002. With over 60 years of combined experience, AI-Tek Instruments looks forward to providing each customer with the highest levels of service and quality products in the years to come.

The AI-Tek Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - provide real solutions to real issues. Quality, price, delivery, service, performance - AI-Tek believes these are more than just abstract concepts. Your company is unique and we need to find a solution unique to you. The base of our success lies in the quality of people, the products we manufacture and the cutting edge technology we utilize. AI-Tek expects to continue to grow domestically and internationally through new product development, sales, and acquisitions.
With a wide breadth of resources at our disposal, AI-Tek remains an unparalleled leader in the industry of sensing solutions. We are ready to put the AI-Tek Instruments quality commitment to work in the form of engineered solutions to our customers’ problems.

AI-Tek Resources

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Use the AI-Tek calculator to ensure that your sensor selection will produce enough output for your application.



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Are you ready to make a purchase or looking for more information on a specific product? Get in touch with someone from AI-Tek or find a distributor near you. If you have a unique, special requirement that cannot be met with any of the standard options, contact us to learn more about custom sensor options.