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Redefining the Industry Standard in Speed Sensor & Tachometer Technology

Looking for a solution? Quality, price, delivery, service, performance? AI-Tek believes these are more than just abstract concepts. We solve problems every day. AI-Tek Instruments has been designing, manufacturing and distributing magnetic speed sensors and high-precision tachometers for over 60 years. Let our staff of exceptional professionals provide you with a solution.

Our Product Certifications

AI-Tek Instruments is committed to providing you with speed sensor and tachometer solutions that meet the unique needs of your company. Our products meet a number of certifications, including FM Approvals and UL for hazardous locations, CSA, EC-Type, SIL3, CE and more.

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Complete List Of Certifications

AI-Tek Speed Sensors

Speed Sensors

Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries and applications, AI-Tek speed sensors are manufactured to be a highly versatile and flexible product line, providing reliable, around-the-clock operation for many years.

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Tachometers AI-Tek Instruments Line


Not all tachometers are the same, and the AI-Tek Instruments line of tachometers are designed with severe industrial environments in mind. The durable tachometers crafted with reliability and long-term, around-the-clock operation in mind.

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Education & Resources

Looking for application assistance, technical information, and additional learning materials? The Education & Resources section provides additional information on all products from AI-Tek Instruments as well as processes, calculations & more.



A Partnership with Temptron Engineering, Inc.

AI-Tek Instruments acquired Temptron Engineering, Inc. Temptron Engineering, Inc. manufactures custom-engineered thermocouples for aerospace applications and delivers worldwide. If you fly, you already rely on Temptron Engineering, Inc.