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  • AO cal: To resolve issues when customers start, but do not complete Analog output calibration in TACHLINK and get the dreaded “-20mA”.
  • DB correction: For those who receive a TT30 or TP30 with a “10″ database and cannot access the analog output and digital relay outputs.
  • Offline: To resolve “Display is Offline” message on the TT10, 30 and plus when display address is set incorrectly.
  • W7 installation: How to install TACHLINK software on Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Includes resolution; if tachometer is not recognized by PC when connected via USB.*
  • W XP & 2000 installation: This is an excerpt from the Quick Start Guide dealing with just TACHLINK installation on XP and 2000 and gives detailed info on how to work around USB driver installation issues. Sometimes even the QSG is too much information and this handles only the software installation details.
  • AI-Tek sen-tach conn: Schematics provide a starting point on how to interface different types of sensor output logic to our tachometers.
  • TP30 Ex Wiring + Relays: How to wire to TP30 and TP10. Provides help on how to wire external relays when a customer needs 4 mechanical relays. Also identifies a possible candidate for a DIN rail mounted external mechanical relay
  • TT20 Input Scaling
  • FM Installation Instruction

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*Contact factory for Windows 8 installation.

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